Finenza becomes Finalpha

In a time that appears to be trending toward passive investments, we have changed our name to reaffirm our difference.
Finalpha, in our experience and our approach, believes that there are a select group of asset managers who are able to generate alpha in a consistent manner.

Our mission is to connect our premier quality client base with those talented and independent asset managers whose approach aligns with their goals and preferences, in order to pursue returns that go well beyond the standard.

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The Finalpha Approach

Finalpha believes that in an environment strongly influenced by short term demands, the willingness and capacity to take a long term approach is a distinct competitive advantage.

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Our Research Process

To assure our clients that the investments we recommend are of premier quality, Finalpha employs a stringent research process.
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Local Focus, Global Reach

Since 2001, we have been developing quality relationships and dialogue with professional investors in our regions. This relationship of trust, supported by a consistently high quality offering, enables us to provide qualified asset managers with privileged access to decision-makers.
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