The Marketing and Sales Process

We apply a structured and granular approach to investor relations, using a process designed to consistently enrich and refine the understanding of all parties involved. We continuously listen to the trends of the market, and the goals of our investors, in order to ensure perfect harmony with the investment approach.

Our time-tested, 5-step process to assure a mutually-beneficial alignment between each investor and the selected asset managers:

  1. We analyze the market to determine which investors are best aligned with a particular investment manger’s strategy
  2. We apply a set of rigorous standards to qualify the parties involved
  3. Upon approval, we arrange a meeting between the investor and the financial manager
  4. We follow-up to confirm interest, ensure questions are answered, and facilitate proceedings
  5. We provide updates, depending on the needs of the parties involved and fund status.

The benefits of this process are that: our extensive upfront research and rigorous selection criteria help ensure alignment between the parties, the level of confidence created facilitates meaningful interaction, and the depth and breadth of our qualification process creates significant time efficiencies for investors and asset managers alike.

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